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Jamie Oliver’s Spaghetti with Prawns and Rocket – with a Twist

When i searched for a simple pasta recipe on the internet yesterday, i found this recipe and immediately decided that i want to try. I always like Jamie because i think most of his recipes are simple and not that difficult to implement. However, at that time i didn't have rocket (and to be honest… Continue reading Jamie Oliver’s Spaghetti with Prawns and Rocket – with a Twist

daily stuff · recipes

Pancakes Day (Pannekoekendag)

On every sunday - if we don't have any other occassion - we always have pancakes here at home for lunch. Just a simple tradition, so that we have something special every week that worth of waiting for. My husband was the one who made the pancakes, and yes he's good at it 😉 i'm… Continue reading Pancakes Day (Pannekoekendag)

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legalisasi akte kelahiran (kutipan baru)

saya mau sedikit sharing tentang pengalaman mengurus legalisasi dokumen di indonesia (khususnya akte kelahiran bagi wni yang lahir di jakarta dan sekitarnya). Alhamdulillah di tahun 2008 saya dikasih rezeki oleh Allah SWT dan berkesempatan untuk melanjutkan kuliah di belanda. pada waktu pertama kali tau saya dapat beasiswa tersebut belum kepikiran bagaimana ribetnya ngurus segala berkas… Continue reading legalisasi akte kelahiran (kutipan baru)

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giganti fusili with bolognaise sauce

this is just a very simple home made pasta bolognaise sauce. Usually i didn't use minced beef, but since today i decided to skip cooking any proteins, i combined them in the sauce instead. yesterday we just bought this giganti fusili at lidl supermarket. its their own brand, and we thought we could try. now… Continue reading giganti fusili with bolognaise sauce