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Soto Ayam Lamongan (Chicken Soto Soup)

This is my hubby’s favorite dish, and i think i wanna share the recipe here =)

The dish is originally from indonesia, and this is one of many varieties of soto exist there. I guess this soto first came from lamongan (a city in central java?), thats why they called it as soto lamongan. The texture is quite light, has a bright yellow color, and tasted light and refreshing (in my opinion).

I will put both the ingredients that is not very common (specific) in english and bahasa to make it easier for you to find the ingredients in the store.

All the ingredients are used based on my taste preference,which is not very salty and light. You can always add the amount of the ingredients you wanna highlight in order to get the taste you want 🙂

Soto Ayam Lamongan

Approx. 300gr chicken fillet or half/whole chicken ( i use thigh fillet instead breast to make it more tasty)
1.5 ltr water
1pc of Maggi block (can also use other brand of stock, i just already get used to this one :p)
2 st lemongrass (serai),
6pcs lime/lemon leaves, take out the stick
2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp sugar

3 pcs of shallot
2 cloves of garlic
4 pcs of candlenut/candleberry (kemiri), roast for a while
Approx. 1,5 cm turmeric (kunyit), grill for a while
Approx. 1,5 cm ginger
(to make the blend easier i usually add a bit of water or oil so the result will be nicely blended)

Supplementary ingredients (optional, can use one of these or other whichever you like):
Approx. 100gr beansprout (tauge)
Approx. 100gr white cabbage (kol)
Approx. 100gr rice vermicelli (soun/bihun), rinse/soak with boiled water and wait until it gets soft
Boiled eggs ( i like a 4 – 4,5min boiled eggs (counting from the time of the water got boiled), you will get a nice texture)
Chopped celery
Fried onion (bawang goreng)
Sweet soy sauce (kecap)
1 pc of lime
Emping crackers

For sambal:
Approx. 10 pcs red chilli (cabe keriting)
Approx. 5 pcs bird chilli (cabe rawit)
1 clove of garlic
1/4 tsp salt
1 pc of lime (i prefer to use jeruk limau instead of jeruk nipis, but both are ok)

How to make:
First of all, cook the chicken with the water until it gets boiled. In the mean time, preheat the cooking oil in a pan, and then saute the blended ingredients for a while until the ingredients a bit thickened, and then add the lemongrass and the lime/lemon leaves. Cook for a while until it get thickened (and the oil got a bit separated), and then pour the sauted ingredients to the boiled water. Add also all other ingredients in to the water (salt, pepper, sugar, maggi block). Wait until it gets boiled again, and then afterwards take all the chicken out. And then fry the cooked chicken for a while (this is depending on preference, you can fry it shortly or a bit longer to get the chicken more dry). Cut the chicken into small pieces.

How to serve:
Place some amount of beansprout, white cabbage, rice vermicelli, and the chicken in a bowl. And then pour the boiled soto soup into the bowl (in the amount you like), not to forget also add the boiled egg (cut into two), fried onion and chopped celery.

For the sambal:
Boil all the chillis and garlic until it get softened, and then grind/crush ( i don’t know ulek in english haha, sorry) all of them using “ulekan” (mortar and pestle) or a grinder. Dont forget to add the salt and last but not least squeeze the lime on it.

And now your soto is ready to serve, together with the emping crackers and sambal. You can also eat it with the rice btw, so tasty:)


this is how my soto appeared. goodluck with trying =)

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