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Sambal Goreng Telur Puyuh

again, one of my favorite meals come to my blog :p I HAVE to write this recipe here, so that whenever I want to remake it I can just peek it. It's my mom's recipe, and I never can resist not to eat two plates whenever she cooked this at home =) After moving out,… Continue reading Sambal Goreng Telur Puyuh

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Soto Betawi (soto recipe with milk)

Soto betawi is one of soto that i could never resist. Its full of flavour yet everything goes in harmony (rrr :p). Since its hardly to find this type of soto here in NL (not even exist i think!), i decided to just browse the recipe around on internet and i was quite lucky i… Continue reading Soto Betawi (soto recipe with milk)