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“What’s in My Bag” Challenge


So, I have seen some of my friends doing this challenge and posted them on Path and Facebook. And when I got tagged by my friend, I was curious how this challenge first came up and then decided to browse it. Although I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I found some interesting stuff about the challenge. Quite a lot of people also made videos about this challenge and posted them on youtube😁. I also found nice photos posted by people for this challenge comes on PurseBop.com. You can see them on this link.

As for me, although the tag was not on this site, I decided to just do it here =). The idea of this challenge is you have to tell what are things you usually bring in your bag (everyday). So here we go now.

First, about the bag itself.
I am now using coach the mini borough bag in pebbled leather (camel) for my everyday bag (and very occasionally when i need to bring more and bigger size stuff, then I will use my esprit city bag in ash brown). The reason why now I use a small bag is basically because of what my husband said about my habit with big bags. Before I use this bag, I always use big bags (my favorite one was the double-sided shopper bag in Tosca shade/Tosca-White Stripes that I bought in Batam). But then when I use big bags I tend to put everything in to carry along and then complained to my husband that my bag is too heavy😂. And, every time I wanted to get something from the bag, I need quite some time to find what i was looking for. That’s why my husband once commented “It’s almost like a sink hole, your bag ya, because everything that comes in you never know when you gonna find them again” :p

Anyway, now we check the stuff inside my bag 😁

Wallet – the most important thing in my bag. I just recently switched my guess wallet with MK passport size wallet. This wallet’s size is reasonably good: not too small, yet not too big.

And my wallet contains: some banknotes and coins (gladly😁), my driving license (rijbewijs), residence permit card (verblijf), OV Chipkart (I use the anonymous one), bank card, Insurance card, member card of Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, KTP, ATM and credit cards issued by Indonesian bank, my passphoto, plasters, some receipts, subway loyalty card (full stamp!), and some zegels from emte (supermarket). Quite a lot eh 😉

Handphone – currently I am using Sony Xperia Z (and Z1 Compact). It is important for me to use 2 phones because I am still retaining my Indonesian cell number for practicallity, and of course the other one I use for NL number. Although they are not the latest or the hippest (trendiest!?) phone in this time but I have no complain for them. That’s why I am still using them 🙂

Car key and House key – these two keys are also important for me. Well, I didn’t bring the car key in my bag all the time, but today I was driving so that’s why the key was in my bag.

To make these keys special and can easily be grabbed, I have put a nice and cute key chain on each of them. For the car key I put the Lilo & Stitch key chain which I bought at Universal Studios in Singapore. Meanwhile for the house key I put Ratatouille key chain, bought at Disneyland Paris.

Sunglasses – this one particular item also sometimes being left in the car (or house). Its a vogue sunglasses, I bought it back in Indonesia. What I like about this sunnies is that it fits my face size perfectly (at least from my own point of view hehe). I have a small face (or narrow?) and its not that easy to find sunnies with small(er) size. usually when I buy sunnies they would be all over my face (excuse ha!). Anyway, I am just glad I found them. And it really helped me when driving with lots of lights from the sun coming against your eyes.

Miniature Nina Ricci “Nina” – this is one of my favorite perfumes. Actually the color of the original filling of the mini Nina was red. But I already finished them, and then I refill the miniature with the same fragrance (I also have the normal version at home). It’s just that apparently they didn’t give any color on the filling of the big one because they use a colored bottle 😂.

Blink contact lenses drop – although most of the time I (luckily) didn’t need to use this, but as a regular user of contact lenses I have to have some spare of this drop in my bag. It really helped me when my eyes got iritated.

Earphone – I use the earphone only when I am on the train (or bus – on a long ride), alone, to listen some music during the trip. The earphone is actually can be used as a handsfree (sometimes earphones don’t have microphone on it ya). I can’t really recall the brand, but I think it’s a Japan or Korea Brand. I bought the earphone at Best Electronic (?) at Senayan City – Jakarta. It’s not that cheap (and not that expensive), but it’s quite durable.

Toothpick – I always keep a toothpick for emergency in my bag! You never know when you gonna need them right? The toothpicks need to be individually packed so that it will be kept hygienic. That’s why sometime I took more than one toothpicks when I ate at a restaurant hahaha (typical Indo some people said – when it’s free, just take more)

Lipsticks (and lipgloss) – at this moment I am (still) in love with GC (Gerard Cosmetics US) lipstick and their hydra-matte, that’s why these two were laying in my bag. For lipstick I use “rodeo drive” and the hydra-matte I am using “serenity” shade. Usually, I also brought a lip gloss in my bag (I use blistex daily lip conditioner), but apparently today I left it on my dressing table.

Pen – just in case I need to fill in something hehe.
One interesting fact: I brought this pen from Japan back in 2009 on an intention to be given to my colleague as a souvenir. It came along in a package together with a postcard. However, I didn’t know why but it just didn’t give this one to anyone. It slipped and just had been staying in my closet for all these time. And when my mom and I cleaned up my closet then we found this. It is a very nice pen, and although it has been a while the pen is still in a good shape.

Sambal sachet 😝 – typical Indonesian, cannot live without sambal 😁 well sambal ABC is not my favorite sambal to be frank (it’s on my second rank deh hehehe). It’s sambal cap Belibis that I like most. Unfortunately the last time I went to Indonesia I couldn’t find the one in sachets (here in Holland is almost all the time not available, even the one in a bottle). Thus I just bought sambal ABC.

Coins – these I got as a change after I went shopping. Sometimes I just too lazy to put them in my wallet and just leave them like that in the bag.

Candy – small but also necessary 😊 I usually put strepsils (or chewing gums) in my bag, but this time I only have one piece of ricola original in the bag.

Paracetamol – also necessary for a person who cannot stand headache like me, especially when it occurred out of nowhere and you are in the middle of a trip. You cannot see it here since I forgot to take it out from the bag haha.

I guess that was it, all the stuff in my bag. Actually I still have some other things that usually also exist in my bag: pocket tissue and wet tissue, and freshcare (Indonesian would know this haha) . What a coincidence that at this moment I ran out both of the tissue and the freshcare. Thus I didn’t put them on the list.

And, now I challenge you (yes, you !) to tell me what’s in your everyday bag =)

Have a nice day people!

14 thoughts on ““What’s in My Bag” Challenge

  1. Wuihhh lengkap banget Mbak isinya. Karena aku untuk saat ini keluar2 buat ke sekolah, yang ada ditas pasti : buku pelajaran, buku catatan, kamus, botol minum (ini wajib, aku gampang haus), tas kain (ini juga wajib ada disetiap tas), dompet (isi verblijfs, OV, uang receh, uang kertas, atm), handbody kecil, peralatan tulis menulis, payung, kunci rumah, buku bacaan buat ditram atau kereta, pisau kecil (aku dari dulu suka bawa ini). Ga pernah bawa bedak dan lipbalm atau lipstik. Jarang bedakan soalnya haha. Secara umum itu. Eh sama peniti, jaga2 kalo peniti jilbab copot😅
    Wah, mbak sudah punya rijbewijs ya. Hebaatt. Denger2 ujiannya susahkah? Berarti bahasa Belandanya sudah ok banget.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Kecil kok mbak, tas ransel biasa. Tas ransel anak sekolahan yang ukuran sedang, belinya aja di Indonesia, obralan di Matahari haha. Payung itu wajib, sejak di Indonesia aku selalu bawa kemana2, panas soalnya. Apalagi di Belanda, hujan tiba2 datang tak diundang, dan tiap hari hujan. Pisau lipat itu mbak, bukan pisau potong daging haha

        Liked by 1 person

    1. mini-mini semua tapi lumayan kumplit ya Den hihi.
      dulu aku juga payung ga pernah ketinggalan tuuuhhh, tapi karna riweuh dan kadang ga guna make payung di sini makanya sekarang jas/jaket yang dipake yang ada capuchonnya.

      kamu bawa pisau lipat ga pernah kena masalah kan? jadi inget guru SMA aku dulu pernah ditahan sama petugas bandara karna pas di x-ray keliatan benda metal gitu, begitu dicek eeeh itu tas isinya gunting pisau lipat peniti dan barang-barang hasil sitaan dia di sekolah hahaha

      peniti itu juga bawaan wajib, kalo-kalo terjadi “musibah” dengan wardrobe kita hehe. tapi akunya suka kelupaan nyelipin.

      Alhamdulillaah rijbewijs nya dapet pas Juli kemarin Den. Cuma bisa nyetir matic si hehe, ga mampu belajar pake manual :D. Sebenernya dibilang gampang banget juga ngga, tapi susah juga ngga si. aku pernah nulis tentang proses dapet rijbewijs ini nih gegara hepi banget begitu dapet wkwkwk (ini link nya kali aja mau baca wkwk https://anisketels.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/about-driving-and-getting-the-license-in-holland/).
      semakin bersyukur begitu denger cewe thai yang pas kursus biasanya setelah aku udah 4 kali ujian masih belum lulus juga.

      btw ga usah panggil mbak siik, aku kan masih 17 tahun (eaaa :p:p)


      1. Lha soalnya awal2 aku lihat profpic nya ada anak 2 gede2. Jadi aku otomatis mikir pasti lebih berumur dari aku, jadinya panggil mbak *whuahaha PD banget kalo muda 😆😆
        Oh pisau itu selalu penuh drama. Dulu kan kerjaanku selalu keluar kota dan keluar negeri deket2 Indonesia. Pasti kena pas dipintu detektornya Soetta. Akhirnya disita kan. Tapi ya berkali2 tetap bawa. Pisaunya murah ini. Nah, ada satu petugas detektor Soetta itu ngapalin aku (saking seringnya kena sampai diapalin haha), dia sampai komen “hobinya kok sedekah pisau ke bandara” hahaha
        Aku langsung meluncur ke linknya. Waahh hebat2 berarti orang Indonesia ya. Soalnya ada satu teman blogger yang tinggal di Rotterdam juga langsung lulus ujian praktek dan teori cuman 1 kali. Bravo buat kalian.


      2. hihihi aku kan mami instan Den 😉

        Tuuuhh kannn bener pasti ada cerita dengan petugas bandara hahahaha dasaarr :p
        iya yaaa orang Indonesia lebih gigih kayanya kalo dalam situasi kejepit makanya pada bisa cepet lulus wkwkwk (atau doanya pada kuat-kuat Den hahaha)


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