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Some Dutch Songs that Lingered (on My Mind)

As a non native Dutch speaker, sometimes it is hard for me to enjoy a song sang in Dutch. Either the words are too strange or just the melody doesn’t click to my ear. However, I found nowadays (thanks to music channel – ziggo xite on my TV wkwk) Dutch songs can also be interesting hahaha.

During my study in Tilburg, my Dutch friend – Bram – used to make a joke about a Dutch singer Marco Borsato. His name sounded like Italian eh, but he is a Dutch (well, I guess he also has some Italian blood) and he is VERY FAMOUS here. Back then when I did my Dutch Course in Jakarta, there was a competition there at the Netherlands Embassy where the theme was to cover one of the song of Marco Borsato. That means we must listen to Marco Borsato’s songs in the class. First impression: DISLIKE. hahaha. It sounds weeeird, too much melancholy. Actually he is not that bad (good even – for his genre I guess), but it’s just not for me.

When my friends and I went to the funeral of Bram’s mother in Middelburg, we also followed the ceremony in the church where the family shared their memories and they played some music in between. During the ceremony, they played this one song and I fell in love with it. The song is in English, but the singer is a Dutch. It’s just so fit with the situation there, and without realising the tears were just dropped from my eyes. I guess it was the first time I think that Dutch singers are not that bad after all =)

So, the first song I wanna share here is this song. The title is “Sweet Goodbyes”, by Krezip.

Then, after I moved here I got more often hearing Dutch songs. Of course as I said before, because of the TV Channel, as well as music played on the radio (my morning wake up alarm is radio on and every time I drive I have my radio on. I’m just too old school for this :)).

Well, some of them I like, some of them not. It’s normal I guess ya. Just a matter of taste also. Some songs that still lingering in my brain. Wanna hear them also?

First one, is Nielson’s song, “Sexy als Ik Dans”. The song has a catchy melody and makes you wanna dance. Even the King (King Willem) and his family couldn’t just stand and moved their body when they watched the singer singing the song live on Koningsdag =)

Another song by Nelson titled Hier met Jou is also quite nice, I think.

The next song is “Parijs” by Kenny B. I looove this song hahaha. Again, the music is so nice. This Surinamese blood singer was previously a soldier and a peace negotiator (according to Wikipedia NL). The song itself tells a story about someone who has a business trip in Paris and then met a nice lady. Well, sort of hahaha (the latter is just my interpretation).

And then there is this one song. It’s a weird one, also the video clip (absurd and the people in the video looked like got possessed or “high”). The title of the song is “Drank & Drugs” by Lil Kleine and Ronnie Flex. It’s a Dutch Rap. The lyrics are quite explicit an d rough, talking about alcohol and drugs (including MDMA/Ecstasy -XTC). The rhythm is just hit the right spot for me I guess (especially when the song was a total hit and played quite often). I am not going to put the video directly here, but if you wanna see it you can click this link =)

I still have another one to be posted here. So, during my Dutch Course class here in February-March this year I had to bring one Dutch song to be played in the class and then I have to share and re-telling to the class about the singer, the main idea of the song, and some questions related to it. I remembered this one particular song that usually sang by my friend’s dad. I didn’t know the exact title at that time but in Indonesia they call it as “Nasi Goreng” song. After I did some searching on Google, then I found out that the title was “Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng”, sang by Wieteke van Dort. She sang it in Keroncong style and thick Javanese accent. Btw, she is famous for her role as Tante Lien and had a kind of talkshow back then in National TV called “The Late Late Lien Show”. The main idea of the show centered at Tante Lien where she usually host a cozy gathering (called Koempoelan) at her home in which she and her guests snack on Indo food and reminisce about life back in the good old days (tempo doeloe) of the Dutch Indies Companies (Hindia – Belanda).

She was born in Surabaya and spent her childhood until teenager there. When she was thirteen years old, the Van Dort family went on vacation to The Netherlands. At that time Indonesia declared its Independence and began to nationalize the ownership of things owned by foreigners (Dutch mostly I think). Because of the Nationalization, the van Dort family lost everything they have back in Indonesia. They then decided to settled in Den Haag (The Hague).

As for the song, it pictured how she missed her living in Indonesia, especially for the food. It was so different in taste and varieties (the food here to her was “smaakloos” or tasteless – at least compared to Indonesian food). I guess it was also because at the time she wrote this song there were not that much Indonesian living here, thus not much options to get some Asian (Indonesian) food around. Luckily nowadays things are changed (to a good direction!) and now we can get Asian (Indonesian) food and ingredients easily in almost every city in Holland 🙂

So, I leave you all with the old song of Tante Lien here, the Nasi Goreng song. Enjoy! =)


ps. sorry I didn’t attach Armin or Tiesto here. Anyway, they didn’t have that many Dutch song I guess hehe.

3 thoughts on “Some Dutch Songs that Lingered (on My Mind)

  1. Saya suka irama yg Kenny B mba, walaupun emang agak2 weird videonya..hihihi..
    Saya tinggal di swedia dan ya gtu.. denger lagu cuma enak di telinga aja kadang suka ga ngerti si penyanyi ngomong apa kecuali kalau liriknya bhs inggris, hehe..


    1. Halo mbak Ayomi, salam kenal =)
      apalagi lagu pake swedish ya pasti jadi pengen tau penyanyi nya nyanyi apa hihi
      btw tinggal di kota mana mbak? aku tahun 2011 pernah ikut training di Stockholm 3 mingguan gitu dan sempet jalan-jalan juga ke Uppsala. Aku suka Swedia hehe, nanti mudah-mudahan ada rejeki bisa jalan-jalan ke sana lagi =)


      1. Salam kenal kembali 🙂 , musik mereka bagus2 cuma buay saya bahasanya aja yg susah dimengerti,hehehe.. saya tinggal di Valbo-Gavle sekitar 2 jam dri Stockholm ke arah utara, kalau dr Uppsala 1 jam lebih dikit. Ayok jalan2 lg kesini.. 😉


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