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The Sun on my Face :)

I’m happy for this week the Sun is shining here in the Netherlands!

Finally the spring is really coming. Last week when I arrived from Indonesia I got a very “warm” welcome from the weather here: 5°C and heavy rain. Oh well, at least I got a very warm welcome from my husband and the kids 😉

Although next week the weather prediction said it will be cold again here, we just want to enjoy what we have at this moment 🙂

Btw, It’s been a while since my last post here ya. I actually have several drafts that need to be finalized, but there’s always something come in between the time that make me unable to do that (excuse😝). I hope I can finish them soon. This one I wrote and posted from my cellphone. Hah, the power of mobile blogging 😁

Anyway, I wish you all a very nice day friends!


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