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Burger (patty) a la Jamie Oliver

This version of homemade burger is one of our little family's favorites. I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver's website. So far I got no complain from my husband and the kids, thus its a good sign and quite a proof that this patty is kid's friendly 🙂 For those who want to make it… Continue reading Burger (patty) a la Jamie Oliver

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Sibok Kitak Nangis (Don’t You Cry)

Oh sayang (Oh darling) Siboh kitak nangis (Don’t you cry) Mulut urang (People say) Nang kadang-kadang jaik (hurtful things sometimes) Oh sayang (Oh darling) Jangan ambik ati (Don’t take it to heart) Tok kelak akan pegi (Soon, it will all pass) Sik lamak lagik (It won’t be long) Sik kesah (It doesn’t matter) Ribut kah,… Continue reading Sibok Kitak Nangis (Don’t You Cry)