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The Kid’s-Friendly NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam

Sebulan lalu, sewaktu anak-anak sedang liburan musim gugur kami memutuskan untuk berkunjung ke NEMO Museum yang berlokasi di Amsterdam. Sebenernya rencana pergi ke NEMO ini udah cukup lama, sejak mereka sedang liburan musim panas, dan kebetulan waktu itu sedang ada offer dari emté buy 1 get 1 untuk entrance-nya (semacam itulah kira-kira). Tapi apa mau… Continue reading The Kid’s-Friendly NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam

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Blogging Hari ini dan 10 Tahun yang Lalu.

She logged in and read a few of her old posts, smiling at the issues she had raged about and shaking her head at how some of the rants now seemed pretentious and judgmental. She had grown so much without even realizing she had. Shweta Ganesh Kumar, A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land Beberapa saat… Continue reading Blogging Hari ini dan 10 Tahun yang Lalu.

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‘t Kwekkeltje Rosmalen

Back then when the kids were still in group 2, they had a school trip to a public founded playground called 't Kwekkeltje. It is located in Rosmalen, a city close by to our place (around 15-20 KM). They really enjoyed it they asked me if we can go there by ourselves during their autumn… Continue reading ‘t Kwekkeltje Rosmalen