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‘t Kwekkeltje Rosmalen

Back then when the kids were still in group 2, they had a school trip to a public founded playground called ‘t Kwekkeltje. It is located in Rosmalen, a city close by to our place (around 15-20 KM). They really enjoyed it they asked me if we can go there by ourselves during their autumn break.
Finally on the last day of their holiday we managed to go there. It was my first time visiting the place. The entrance to the playground is completely free. It has quite big space and you can play with many things (sand, water, climbing, what kids not to like huh). My husband said that usually this place is completely packed, especially when the weather is nice. But luckily on that day we had quite reasonable crowd: not too full, although not that empty either. The weather was just like typical autumn weather: a bit gloomy and cold. Other than that, everything was just fine. Our youngest one also didn’t complain much although it was quite cold for someone at his age. We only put double layers of clothes and an extra blanket to cover him while sitting at maxi cosi car seat (we didn’t bring his bassinet).

The kids were reaaally enjoyed it! The minute we arrived they went directly to the tree house and just disappeared from our sight. After that, they went to the sling where they can sit on and then let it run from one side to the other. Afterwards they started to make a stream for water in the zandbak (sandbox). We forgot to ask them to just wear their boots instead of daily shoes (and old clothes instead of netjes one). I don’t really care actually as long as they’re having fun. But still..looking at them I couldn’t stop but think “sniff..must double time washing for their clothes. And not to forget to ask kids to clean up their shoes before going inside.

Now, back to the playground topic. So, as I mentioned above, this playground is completely free. Its a self-funding park – so to say. Some people gave donation to build some of its attractions. Other than that, they also have a kind of spaarpot (piggybank) not so far from the entrance/exit door where all the visitors can put in a bit of their money (or a lot if you are a coin collector for example :p). The place has several public WC (two if i’m not mistake), and one special for handicap and baby changing room. There is also a small room next to the entrance, for the volunteer(s) to get some warm when the day is cold (I guess). The playground can also be booked for special occasion like birthday party or school trip, by advanced reservation. They only will charged €1,5 per child for those kind of occasion (for maintenance cost I think). I find this place is quite good, considering the fact that its a self funding park. They took care of it quite well. Only kids said that the restroom was quite smelly. Oh ya, they didn’t provide any toilet paper or whatsoever there, so in case someone wanna go there it would be handier if they also bring their own toilet paper (and wet tissue when necessary). Also there are no food stall or cafe that sells consignment around, so it is better to bring at least a bottle of water and some snacks if you bring your kid(s) there.

If you wanna know more about this playground, you can check their personal website on this web address.

For the rest I will leave you with some photos of the playground which I took by my phone.
See ya on my next post!

the entrance (and exit)
list of the sponsors and donors of the playground.
bicycle parking space.
the restroom.
special restroom and baby changing room.
a part of the tree house.
a special bridge that can be used as a seesaw.
the other side of the tree house

climbing stuff.
the sling (I dunno how its called hehe)

water parkour
rabbit hole.
the kids were busy with the digging

the spaarpot where you can put in some coins inside.

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