Day 3 Writing Challenge: An Article of Clothing that I’m Deeply Attached to

If someone asks me about how I style myself on daily basis, I think I would say that I am more in to something simple but classy (at least to my opinion), clean, and comfortable. Sometimes I added extra accessories such as necklace to make my appearance merrier 😁. In terms of color, I like white, I like stripes, and I like flowers pattern as well. Most of my pants are a skinny type (sometimes I feel that other types of jeans didn’t look good on me).

When I was still active at work, most of the time I wore a uniform and batik to work. And when I were not, mostly I would wear a skirt (pencil or pleats) or a pantalon and a shirt/hemd. Usually I paired it with simple kitten heels or just flat shoes. I only wear high heels on a certain occasions – which was very seldom. The rest of the time I usually walk around the office on my swallow 😝.

On special occasions, I wouldn’t mind to dress up. But again, I’m not that kind of person who just follows the trend hehe. I would stick to what I find good.

Btw, if this question being given to my husband, the answer would be very simple: a shirt or polo shirt that has breast pocket and collar, straight or regular pants – no jeans, and his ecco shoes :p

5 thoughts on “Day 3 Writing Challenge: An Article of Clothing that I’m Deeply Attached to

  1. Foto yang pertama sukaa. Simpel tapi elegan. Mengingatkanku jaman2 kerja di Jakarta dan belum berjilbab, tiap hari selalu pakai dress atau rok. Pokoknya yg selutut atau yg diatas lutut. Ringkes soalnya hehe.

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    1. Hihihi tengkyu Den, itu foto januari tahun lalu pas 2-3 hamil loh btw 😜

      Iya pake rok emang enak yaaa, tapi kalo pas lagi pake rok pensil susah naik ojek duduk nyemplak, aku pernah maksa ujung-ujungnya rokku robek wkwkwk


  2. AKu dah lama banget gak pake rok.. bukan gak suka, tapi kalau pake rok kudu pake short pants, dan aku males kecuali memang lagi tugas dan kudu pake rok di pagi hari, mau gak mau..
    Love your style, Nis..

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    1. Duh hepinyaaa ada yang suka style aku, maacii loh nlyy😄
      Btw, aku juga udah lama ga pake rok nly. Selama winter perasaan baju yg dipake sekarang ya celana jeans, kaos ato kemeja lengan panjang, ato ga cardigan. Meh ya, makin ga gaya amat nih ya emak-emak (nunjuk diri sendiri 😂).

      Btw kenapa harus pake short pants nly, ga betah ya kalo pake rok doang berasa ada yg kurang? Aku dulu juga begitu soalnya, tapi lama-kelamaan males ya udah lah blas ga pake short pants lagi hihi.


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