Day 5 Writing Challenge: If I Could Have Dinner with any 5 People, Who Would They Be?

Image via Pinterest
  1. My late Dad. Simply because today is his birthday and I missed him so much and I have so many things to share to him. Most of all I want him to know that I am fine, we are fine here. I want him to share his story as well with us, hoping that he’s now in much better place than here in the world.
  2. My Mom. Because I know she missed my dad so much, and I guess she also want to tell how is she doing after Dad gone.
  3. My Husband. Is this too corny? 😜 
  4. My late father in law. I would love to meet and him in person, and find out what he thinks about me personally 🙂  (although I guess one time dinner wouldn’t be enough).
  5. My three kids (I am sorry but I cannot pick only one of them. They are all stick together in my mind!). Having them everyday on the table (almost) every morning and every evening most of the time really makes my day, especially after our little one has started to eat solid food (like veggies and fruit). Everyday there’s always a story 🙂

    Ps. The theme today apparently was a little bit heavier than I thought it would be. I shed a bit of tear during the process of making this post.

    *In memoriam of my late Dad (March 18th, 1942 – April 17th, 2014).

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