Day 6 Writing Challenge: Something I’ve Always Wanted to do but Haven’t, Why?

Taking ballroom dance lessons together with my hubby. Actually my husband and I were already planning to do this since like forever (well, two-three years ago actually 😝). But then I got pregnant, and then now a baby so the timing is not yet come for us. Well actually my husband had been dancing for quite some time back then. But if I look at how he moves his body at this time I wouldn’t believe that he could do the ballroom dance actually lol. Such a nice wife I am eh 😂

Image by JulieLukeartwork on DeviantArt

Another thing that I also want to do but not yet fulfilled up to today is the pilgrim (to Mecca). It takes a courage and lots of preparation (mentally, physically, and of course financially) to do this. And not less important: God’s calling. Ideally I would love to go together with my husband (would be a dream come true), but its ok also for me if I have to go by myself. I hope I can fulfill this dream soon (Aamiin).

Masyaa Allah. May one day I will be lucky enough to become one of them who can witness the Ka’bah with their own eyes. Image courtesy of Hassan Ammar/AP.

Lastly, one thing I could think of something that I (well, my husband and I) wanted to do but not yet to be done at least until now is re-designing our backyard to look more decent and garden-able hahaha. To be honest this one is our homework from year to year ever since I moved here. People kept asking, showing sympathy, or just laughing when they see our backyard. Well, I can’t blame them. It’s a total mess, especially last summer when the wild grass went pretty high. Even I called it as a “forest” 😝. The reason why we haven’t done anything with it until now is quite simple actually. My husband and I are not that keen of gardening. Another important reason why we haven’t done anything with our backyard was because we had to switch plan and chose to renovate the main house in order to add two more sleeping room (due to the baby arrival). We hope this spring we will start to do something there so that by this summer we can have a nice backyard we have been dreaming of (my husband really want to have a pizza stone oven to be placed there :)).

My idea is to have this kind of extension room on our backyard. Image via Pinterest
And this kind of oven is what my husband wants 😊. Image via Pinterest

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