Day 13 Writing Challenge: List of my Favorites: Song, Quote, Food, Vacation Spot, Photo

Sorryyy took a while to finish the last three post of the writing challenge! I try to finish all of them this week, tho maybe I will post something else in between. Now I start the post for day 13 theme: my favorite thing(s)

Song: come to think of it, I would say that I am not able to pick only one song as the favorite one. So many songs I like, and so many memories around them. One thing I realise is that most of the time song that I like has nothing to do with the trend hehe.

Quote: I have sooo many favorite quotes, but to highlight here I would pick the one from The Alchemist.

Food: Sundanese, Betawi and Padang food, they are the best. But I also like Italians and Japanese (more on the fusion version tho hehe)

Vacation Spot: I enjoy serene places, but I also like modern cities. Not too fancy with crowd spot (I got a kind of phobia when I am surrounded by too many people lol). Based on this, I guess my favorite vacation spot would be Bali. Well, actually the spot is not important, the people I go with yes.

Photo: The one my family and I took in a hotel room when we were in London 2015 (tiny little womb of our baby was already there as well!) and the one at my wedding in Indonesia together with my parents, brothers and sisters. The latter was special because that was the first and the last time we could make a nice photo with complete family member. Less than a year afterwards, dad passed away.


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