the author

anis ketels
drunen, the netherlands

Bio: I love the color of white. I love the smell of coffee. Jasmine tea is my favorite tea. I always think that everything happens for a reason. I’m good in making cake and cookies, but seldom make one. I cannot live without music. I think man with accent is sexy. I want to learn all languages in the world. I have a good taste in fashion. I like dogs, but they never fancy me. I like taking pictures and be in the picture. I’m a good navigator, and a responsible driver. I can’t read map. I (used to) have 3 cell phones, though I didn’t really fond of calling or texting people. I can(’t) swim (with head under the water). I love watching sports, but never good in it. I am married to a guy named as a king. I am a mom of three lovely kids with first names in alphabetical order: DEF. They are my life now =)

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