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Cerita Tempe(h)

"Tempeh is sort of like the sexy, more-exotic-with-less-baggage hippie cousin of tofu who shows up at a family party and totally rocks your world. It’s crunchy texture is unique and while it’s not as prevalent as tofu, it’s very versatile and, due to its fermentation, is considered to be less health-controversial."(source: Vegucated) Catatan: pembahasan tentang… Continue reading Cerita Tempe(h)

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#TBT: Tokyo, Japan – 2007.

"I've never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don't like eating fish. And I know that's very popular out there in Africa." ~ Britney Spears I don't know where Spears got her Geography lesson, but that quote is quite something eh😜 and it relates to the post I'm about to write here… Continue reading #TBT: Tokyo, Japan – 2007.

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Sekilas tentang Hak Merek: Edisi Tempe Mendoan

photo derived from http://www.harianresep.blogspot.nl[/caption%5D Ngeliat gambar mendoan di atas kok saya jadi ngileeer yaaa. Tapi yang pengen saya bahas di sini bukan bagaimana caranya membuat mendoan si (udah pada tau juga kali 😝). Beberapa waktu lalu ada teman-teman saya di facebook yang men-share link berita dari http://www.detik.com perihal seseorang bernama Pudji Wong yang telah mendaftarkan… Continue reading Sekilas tentang Hak Merek: Edisi Tempe Mendoan