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Buggy Andalan saat Traveling dengan si Kecil

Disclaimer: Tulisan ini sama sekali bukan endorse-an ya. Ini murni pengalaman saya pribadi dan ga ada embel-embel promosi (tapi kalo yang kebetulan saya sebut berminat mengendorse saya dengan senang hatii menerima loh hahaha). Pengalaman saya dengan yang lain pun belum tentu sama, jadi mon maap kalo ga sesuai sama pengharapan ya sis. Jadi critanya nih… Continue reading Buggy Andalan saat Traveling dengan si Kecil

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"Tantrums are not bad behavior. Tantrums are an expression of emotion that became too much for the child to bear. No punishment is required. What your child needs is compassion and safe, loving arms to unload in." - Rebecca Eanes. Our little one is now sleeping quietly in his room. Well, this condition is totally… Continue reading Tantrum.

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Mencari Mainan (Edukatif) untuk Anak Usia 1 s/d 3 Tahun.

“Toys have taken over my family room. I watch Mary Poppins, and no matter how many spoonfuls of sugar I eat, action figures won’t march into a bin with the snap of my fingers.” ― Barbara Brooke *disclaimer: tulisan ini saya buat berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi saja, maaf kalo ada kekurangan yaa. Sewaktu anak saya yang… Continue reading Mencari Mainan (Edukatif) untuk Anak Usia 1 s/d 3 Tahun.

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Traveling (on A Long Haul Flight) with A Baby.

“Asked to switch seats on the plane because I was sitting next to a crying baby. Apparently, that’s not allowed if the baby is yours.” Ilana Wiles, blogger So, last April I went to Indonesia together with my seven month-old baby to attend my little sister's wedding. Although it was not the first time for… Continue reading Traveling (on A Long Haul Flight) with A Baby.

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Sleep Training for Baby

"Sleep when your baby sleeps. Everyone knows this classic tip, but I say why stop there? Scream when your baby screams. Take Benadryl when your baby takes Benadryl. And walk around pantless when your baby walks around pantless." - Tina Fey Oke, tiba-tiba pengen nulis tema ini karna (selain pas pertama kali bikin draft insomnia saya… Continue reading Sleep Training for Baby