Simple Bruschetta for Lunch

This is one of kids' favorite menus for lunch. Bikinnya lumayan simpel dan ga ribet (terutama kalo di rumah ada oven yang selalu ready hehe), bahan-bahannya pun ga banyak. Saya mau share resepnya di sini, kali aja ada yang suka juga dengan bruschetta, daripada beli yang frozen ya, ini Insyaallah lebih sehat deh hehe. Simple Bruschetta… Continue reading Simple Bruschetta for Lunch

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Resep Spaghetti with Meatballs and Sauteed Vegetables

Catatan: Resep si bola-bola daging ini saya modifikasi dari resep burger patty-nya Jamie Oliver. Untuk resep aslinya silakan klik link ini ya =) Meatballs atau bola-bola daging ini adalah salah satu menu favoritnya anak-anak. Biasanya si bola-bola kami pasangkan dengan spaghetti dan saus tomat (serta sauteed vegetables untuk mama-papa ;)). Rasanya? dijamin ketagihan deh! It's quite easy to… Continue reading Resep Spaghetti with Meatballs and Sauteed Vegetables

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Jamie Oliver’s Spaghetti with Prawns and Rocket – with a Twist

When i searched for a simple pasta recipe on the internet yesterday, i found this recipe and immediately decided that i want to try. I always like Jamie because i think most of his recipes are simple and not that difficult to implement. However, at that time i didn't have rocket (and to be honest… Continue reading Jamie Oliver’s Spaghetti with Prawns and Rocket – with a Twist

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giganti fusili with bolognaise sauce

this is just a very simple home made pasta bolognaise sauce. Usually i didn't use minced beef, but since today i decided to skip cooking any proteins, i combined them in the sauce instead. yesterday we just bought this giganti fusili at lidl supermarket. its their own brand, and we thought we could try. now… Continue reading giganti fusili with bolognaise sauce