Traveling (on A Long Haul Flight) with A Baby.

“Asked to switch seats on the plane because I was sitting next to a crying baby. Apparently, that’s not allowed if the baby is yours.”
Ilana Wiles, blogger

So, last April I went to Indonesia together with my seven month-old baby to attend my little sister’s wedding. Although it was not the first time for us to travel together without my husband and our two other kids (when he was still 4 months old, we traveled to Paris but a friend joined us half the way), it was still quite worrying for me at first to do the trip.

Main thing that concerned me before doing the trip was of course what if my baby (fabian) gets cranky all the way. This trip is way much longer if we compared it to Paris trip. And anyone who had experience of getting irritated by crying baby(ies) in the plane would know what I mean I guess (I am one of them 😜 – can you imagine if its your baby who did that!). Another concern was the loo issue. I didn’t have anyone to assist me or asked for help (well, I can ask the flight attendant actually but only to a certain limit I think). Plus, my baby at that age (7 months) has already starting to recognize people and he didn’t want to be hold by a stranger.

Having these in mind, my husband and I had to think and manage the trip as efficient as possible to make it easier and less hassle for me.

First of course which flight will suit best for us: direct flight or the one with stopover. After taking some considerations, we then decided that it would be better for me and fabian to use direct flight instead of flights with transit. There are few options for me to take direct flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta (we chose to use Garuda Indonesia). The duration of the flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta was approximately 13 hours, and the return flight was approximately 14 hours. The flight departed in the evening, hoping that it would be easier for fabian to sleep along the way and to adapt with the time difference later on.

After we confirmed the booking, I immediately contact the customer service of Garuda via email to request for a baby bassinet. This is actually a big advantage for those who travel with children less than 1 year old (well, maybe maximum 1,5 years – depends on the size of your baby).

This is the bassinet we got on our flight. Btw, the type of the bassinet self could be different from one airline (or flight) to another.

After the ticket and the bassinet have been settled, then we have to decide whether I should bring the buggy along to Indonesia or not, and which way would be the easiest for me to bring fabian and his (including mine) “equipment” along the whole time. In the beginning I considered to bring the buggy and a backpack diaper bag with me. But at the last moment (during the check in queue lol), I decided to leave the buggy and instead just using a baby carrier and replaced the backpack with shoulder-carry diaper bag. The consideration for the latter was mainly for the practicality – if I use backpack it would be a bit difficult for me to reach its pocket(s) without needed to take the bag out of my back.

I also have read some articles which discussed about how to handle a baby during take off and landing (because of the loud sound of the engine). Some people suggested to use earplug or earphone to reduce the sound, while others suggested to breastfeed the baby during the take off (and landing). Luckily fabian was not that critical at that moment. During the take off and landing he was quite relax and (without me asking) he just went to breastfeed and getting ready to sleep. I guess picking the evening flight also helped then 🙂

All in all, we had quite a smooth trip I can say. My son were mostly sleeping during the flight, and since I couldn’t use my tv (entertainment on demand) on my seat (hindered by the bassinet), I decided to make use the wifi connection on board (not for free but the price is still reasonably ok). I could use internet connection nicely during the flight (at least on the first batch) and able to chat with people on the ground – in Indonesia and in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, doing a long haul trip only with your baby is definitely a tiresome. Yes – it’s possible, but if you have an option, I would suggest to bring your partner (or someone else) along. That would be much better for your body! 😉

And finally, although already a lot of people discuss it and what I will write below probably not much, I would like to share some tips for those who “must” do a long haul flight with a baby (or toddler below two years old).

1. Book your flight early. If you have an option to fly in the evening, do pick that. Evening flight(s) mean your baby doesn’t have to adjust that much with the time frame during the take off and landing – which means would be less stress for them.

2. Don’t forget to contact the customer service of the airlines in case you need them to provide a bassinet for your baby. Fyi, the bassinet can only be used for baby with maximum weight of 9kg or maximum age of 2 years old. The airlines only can provide limited number of bassinet in one flight, thus make sure you contact the airlines the soonest after your booking is confirmed.

3. Travel as light as possible. If you think you don’t need the stroller/buggy that much, just bring your baby with a baby carrier. Make sure your carrier is easy to wear on and off without assistance needed (as reference, I used ergobaby 360 four position). Further, bring a diaper bag which sufficient enough to accommodate your baby stuff, travel documents and your stuff as well (you don’t have to bring separated bag). In short, things you bring to the cabin would only be the baby (with the baby carrier) and one diaper bag.

4. If possible, choose a diaper bag that has at least one or two mini bags (one for the clothing stuff and one for food stuff – the latter is optional) with some extra pockets on it. The minibag is handy to bring in case you need to change your baby’s diaper. The extra pocket with sufficient size (preferably one with zipper in front or in the back of the bag) is important so that you can put your travel documents there and you can easily easily access them when you need it.

Stuff you need to bring in the clothing minibag: diapers (2 pcs would be enough), 1 pack wet wipes (choose the small one or reduce the wipe half), 1 set spare clothes (make sure its a comfy one like a jumper for example – no need to bring jeans or any clothes that less handy and less comfy), one pc of diaper cloth and 2 pcs (disposable) body wipes (washandjes).

If you have two minibag, you can put these things in the food minibag: (food and) milk container (to bring some snacks, milk, and the cereal/porridge for your baby – you don’t have to bring alot! Just some small portions in case your baby need it), baby spoon, bottle feed (for the milk), a mug (if your baby also drinks water), wet napkin, tissues, and (disposable) bib 2 pcs. If you only have one minibag, do remember to bring a thermal bag for your baby’s milk, while the rest can also just dump into the bag.

Some other stuff you also need to bring is a spare clothes for yourself (one t-shirt would be sufficient enough – in case an “accident” happened you would be happy that you bring a spare shirt 😅), some (small) toys for your baby (teethers, tiny stuffed doll), phone/cable charger, and a (light-weight) novel (optional). Don’t forget also to bring medicine such as paracetamol or other medicines you usually used (always handy when you have them around), band-aid (pleisters), mini perfume (important!), travel size toothbrush and toothpaste, and telon/kayuputih oil (only applicable to indonesian I think haha).

5. Make sure you and your baby wear comfortable clothes yet warm enough to wear in a room with an airco. Put your high heels and the blings in the baggage, also your make up kit. You will only need a (vaseline) petroleum gel or a lipbalm (and a thin lipstick after landing) to be put on your lips during the flight.

6. In my experience, the airline also provides baby food (usually baby food in a jar) and a diaper (complete with the wet wipes) for our baby. But, you cannot count on that since there’s always a possibility that the flight attendant forget to give them to you (happened to me).

7. After you landing (also applicable during the flight), if you need a help do not hesitate to ask someone else to help you – especially when picking up your luggage(s) from the baggage belt.

8. And finally, don’t stress out. Just relax, enjoy it and consider the trip as something that will make the bond between you and your baby stronger (😁).

I hope this post could help those who will do the travel alone with her (or his) baby just like me😊

Happy traveling!


2nd Stop: Billund, Denmark.

“If there was no Lego in Billund, there will almost be no Billund… Lego is Billund, and Billund is Lego.” Jorgen Vig Knudstorp

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Kami berangkat menuju Billund dari Hamburg sekitar jam 11 siang. Di tengah perjalanan kami berhenti sebentar untuk makan siang di rest area yang kebetulan pas kami lewati pada saat jam makan siang. Salah satu kelemahan cara kita ini adalah makanan yang kita dapet akhirnya ya apa adanya deh.

Setelah menyetir selama kurang lebih 3 jam lebih, akhirnya kami sampai juga di Billund, Denmark. Udah pada tau kan yaa, tujuan utama kami ke sini adalah Legoland hehe. Kalo dulu pas di Legoland Günzburg kami menginap di Legoland Resort-nya, kali ini kami menginap di Bed & Breakfast Gregersminde (well, actually we didn’t get breakfast, that’s just how they call it 😛) yang lokasinya ga jauh dari Legoland. Saya sempat kepikir untuk stay di Legoland Resort-nya juga si, tapi begitu saya cek harganya langsunglah saya mundur teratur. Udah ini tempat turis kumpul, pun letaknya di Denmark – which is known as one of the expensive countries to live!. Untung aja saya masih bisa booking si B&B ini, secara sebelumnya setiap saya nyari tempat buat stay dengan harga yang agak masuk akal (dengan lokasi yang ga begitu jauh plus kondisi yang cukup nyaman) mesti semuanya either fully book ato ga harganya bikin saya urut dada hahaha.

Tempat kami stay ini lumayan melebihi ekspektasi kami. Saya pikir lokasinya bakalan agak ke dalem di tengah hutan dan kabinnya banyak kaya di tempat-tempat outdoor camping dengan holiday hut gitu. Tapi ternyata si B&B ini cuma ada satu kabin yang terpisah, selain itu mereka ada kamar yang lokasinya di rumah utama dan beberapa kabin model rumah susun gitu. Mereka nyediain sepeda yang bisa kita pakai gratis, tempat parkir kendaraannya juga lumayan. Selain itu di sana ada juga playground dan lapangan futsal.

Kabin kami sendiri bisa dibilang compact, efisien dan lengkap. Kamarnya ada 2 (satu kamar dengan double bed dan satu kamar dengan bunk bed). Di kabin juga tersedia dapur beserta peralatan makan dan kelengkapan memasak lainnya (bahkan bread toaster dan coffee maker juga ada), kamar mandi (shower) lengkap dengan hair dryer, plus sesuai request kami juga disediakan baby cot dan baby chair.

Billund  sebenernya kota yang ga begitu besar – tapi juga ga kecil. Seperti yang saya kutip di atas, kalo Lego ga pertama kali dibuat di sini, mungkin orang-orang ga akan kenal dengan Billund. Sepanjang perjalanan menuju Billund yang kami lewati hampir ga ada gangguan dan bebas dari macet (jauh beda dengan jalan menuju Hamburg – baru nginjek gas ehh di depan ada perbaikan jalan lagi yang berarti ngantri lagi wkwk). Trus, entah kaminya yang bego atau emang ini kenyataan ya, tapi menurut kami city center-nya Billund itu kecil banget! perasaan kampung tempat kami tinggal lebih lengkap dan lebih gede deh wkwk. Suami bahkan nyeletuk, “Kayanya Legoland jauh lebih besar dan rame kalo dibandingkan sama Centrum Billund-nya sendiri deh.” Jadi center of crowd-nya Billund ya si Legoland ini lah (dan Billund Airport yang lokasinya berseberangan dengan Legoland).

Ada satu lagi yang lumayan mencolok yang kita liat di centrum-nya. Hampir sebagian besar restoran yang kita temuin di sana menawarkan menu yang sama: pizza, pasta and grill. Apa ini trik mereka untuk ngurangin persaingan ato kurang kreatif saya kurang tau deh hihi. Tapi kalo dari pengalaman kami makan di salah satu restorannya si rasanya cukup enak (kami waktu itu cuma pesan beberapa jenis pizza dan salad aja).

Keesokannya setelah sarapan (di kabin – kami belanja di supermarket yang lokasinya selemparan batu dari tempat kami nginep) kami berangkat menuju Legoland. Lokasinya cuma 5 menit dengan mobil dari tempat kami menginap. Legoland sendiri menyediakan tempat parkir di beberapa lokasi, dengan lokasi paling dekat ada di seberang legolandnya. Harga tiket masuk Legoland bisa dibilang masih lumayan masuk akal kalo dibandingin sama Disneyland. Kebetulan saya nemu promo yang cakep banget di Groupon, dimana buat family ticket (open date, maksimal 2 dewasa dan 2 anak) harganya sekitar 40% lebih murah dari harga aslinya.

Main entrance Legoland Billund.

Legoland Billund bisa dibilang ga jauh beda dengan legoland-legoland lain yang udah pernah kami kunjungi (baru yang di Johor Bahru Malaysia sama di Günzburg Jerman aja si hahaha). Tapi ada satu yang bikin mereka beda: miniland-nya. Di sini mereka punya miniatur dari gedung-gedung tertinggi di dunia, plus miniatur kota-kota di Denmark dan beberapa kota besar di Eropa. Sebenernya saya motret lumayan banyak miniatur land-nya, tapi saya cuma upload beberapa aja di sini hehe.

Ga seperti Disneyland dan Efteling, Legoland ga sepanjang tahun buka. Mulai bulan November sampai bulan Maret di tahun berikutnya mereka tutup dan baru buka kembali di bulan April. Ga kaya Disneyland yang ga membolehkan pengunjungnya untuk bawa makanan dan minuman dari luar, legoland punya konsep “terbuka” alias pengunjungnya boleh bawa makanan dan minuman sendiri (di efteling juga sama). Di sana sendiri lumayan banyak pilihan makanan yang bisa kita pilih (mulai dari kebab, wok to go, dan makanan standar seperti burger, fries and steak). Rasanya (dan porsinya) juga sangat bikin kenyang dan harganya cukup masuk akal.

Setelah anak-anak puas main (plus sudah hampir waktunya park tutup), kami kembali ke tempat kami menginap. Sewaktu kami jalan menuju ke tempat parkir di langit sedang menyembul segaris pelangi. Cantik!

Lego version of Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

Lego version of the White House.

The Clock Tower Mecca, Shanghai Tower China, and Burj Al-Khalifa UAE.

The rainbow!

Besok paginya anak-anak setelah sarapan main di playground dan trampolin di B&B, dan setelah makan siang kamipun berangkat menuju ke Kopenhagen.

First Stop: Hamburg, Jerman.

A Hamburg saying, referring to its anglophile nature, is “Wenn es in London anfängt zu regnen, spannen die Hamburger den Schirm auf.” … “When it starts raining in London, people in Hamburg open their umbrellas.”

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Setelah menempuh perjalanan selama kurang lebih 4 jam (dengan break sekali di rest area untuk makan siang), akhirnya kami sampai di hotel tempat kami menginap di Hamburg, Jerman. Kami berangkat dari rumah sekitar jam 10 pagi, dengan perkiraan kita akan sampe pas waktu check in di hotel. Hotel tempat kami menginap namanya Bundt’s Garten Restaurant. Hotel ini bukan pilihan awal saya si. Sebelumnya saya udah booking kamar di Novotel Hamburg untuk tanggal lain, tapi rencana awal kami berubah dan Novotel udah fully book. Saya harus cari akomodasi lain dan kebetulan waktu itu yang masih tersedia (dan cukup bagus review dan masuk akal harganya) adalah hotel ini. Kalo diliat dari kamarnya, bisa dibilang hotel ini termasuk hotel lama (feel-nya ga modern lah setidaknya).

Lokasi si hotel deket sama Hamburg airport, sementara untuk ke pusat kota sekitar 30 menit dengan kendaraan pribadi. Di sekeliling hotel ini banyak perkebunan apel. Salah satu nilai tambah untuk hotel ini adalah sarapannya enak! Selai dan jus yang disediakan fresh dan kayanya home made gitu, makanya jadi spesial.

Begitu sampai kami ga langsung ke city center tapi jalan-jalan di sekitar hotel, dan karena waktu yang agak tanggung, kami akhirnya makan malam di restoran di hotel aja. Makanan yang kami pesan cukup lumayan, walau juga ga begitu spesial. Suami waktu itu pesen bebek dengan persik dan saus cranberry, sementara saya pesen ikan (anak-anak standar kids menufries dan nugget). Cuma karna ketidaktauan kami sayang banget kentang yang ada di piring saya ternyata ada potongan ham-nya, yang berarti saya ga bisa makan. Untungnya si ikan (salmon dan white fish – lupa jenis apa) ga semuanya nempel, jadi masih ada beberapa bagian yang bisa saya makan. Sementara bebeknya suami aman.

Beautiful view on the road heading to the hotel.

The hotel.

The entrance of the hotel.

They have a midget golf here!

The interior in front of reception desk.

Apple tree field located accross to the hotel.

Pedestrian path.

Cute farmer house in the middle of nowhere.

The church close by to the hotel.

During the walk we spotted an airplane just took off from the airport 🙂

the fish menu.

the duck together with cranberry sauce and peaches. Other veggies and french fries were not in the picture bcos it came separately.

Di hari berikutnya kami baru menjelajah (halah) pusat kota Hamburg. Dengan pertimbangan dari segi kepraktisan, kami putuskan untuk memarkir mobil di sekitar pusat kota. Di malam sebelumnya kami sudah browsing kira-kira di mana kami bisa parkir dengan lokasi dan biaya paling efisien (tidak di pinggir jalan tapi di dalam gedung – dengan pertimbangan dari segi keamanan) dan kami putuskan untuk parkir di gedung pusat kebudayaan Jepang. Lokasinya cukup strategis dan biaya per harinya juga lumayan masuk akal.

Setelah memarkir mobil, kami menuju ke stasiun metro (u-bahn) untuk membeli Hamburg Pass. Walaupun beberapa tempat turistik di Hamburg lumayan saling berdekatan dan masih bisa ditempuh dengan berjalan kaki, buat kami yang bawa bayi dan dua anak kecil kadang lebih efisien kalo kita naik transportasi publik aja. Hamburg pass ini semacam tiket transportasi publik yang bisa dipergunakan untuk metro, bis dan kereta di sekitar Hamburg untuk jangka waktu tertentu (24 atau 72 jam). Saya kurang paham sebenernya untuk transportasi publik di Hamburg gimana walau setau saya di beberapa kota di Jerman transportasi publiknya gratis. Hamburg pass ini ada 2 jenis: yang single atau yang group. Kalo single masa berlaku 24 jam harganya €9,90 berlaku untuk satu orang, sementara untuk yang group masa berlaku 24 jam harganya €18,5 dan bisa dipergunakan untuk 5 orang dewasa. Untuk anak-anak sampai usia 12 tahun kalo mereka bareng dewasa ga perlu bayar alias gratis. Selain itu, kalo kita tunjukin si hamburg pass ini kita juga bisa dapet potongan harga di beberapa tempat. Fyi, selama kami mondar-mandir naik metro di sana ga ada yang meriksa tiket kami sama sekali lohh (dan mereka ga pake sistem gate di metro station-nya). Cuma emang kalo mau naik bis kita harus tunjukin si tiket ke supirnya si biar aman.

Stasiun metro terdekat dari tempat kami parkir adalah Rathaus station, di deket Rathaus/Town Hall-nya Hamburg. Sebelum ke stasiun kita sambil liat-liat juga di sekitar Rathaus square yang punya view bagus juga. Suasana di sekitar situ sewaktu kami ke sana ga gitu sibuk jadi kami masih bisa menikmati walau cuaca sedikit mendung. Dari Rathaus kami menuju ke stasiun yang jaraknya paling dekat dengan dermaga pelabuhan/pier karna kami berencana untuk ikut salah satu tour river cruise-nya. Alasannya si simpel, karna Hamburg adalah kota pelabuhan (kedua terbesar di Eropa setelah Rotterdam) dan memang lumayan banyak yang merekomendasikan untuk ikut tur ini. Lamanya tur adalah kurang lebih satu jam dan kita bisa milih untuk ikut di kapal yang menggunakan bahasa apa (kami ikut di kapal dengan tour guide berbahasa inggris).

Kami turun di stasiun St. Pauli dan kemudian jalan sedikit ke arah pier. Di sekitar sini baru mulai terasa turisnya (baca: rame cin! haha). Kayanya ini salah satu spot utama para turis ya, dan udah pasti mereka juga mau ikutan cruise-nya (ato setidaknya sightseeing di sekitar pier lah).

Selesai tur, kami menyempatkan diri untuk turun dan melihat the old elbe tunnel. Terowongan ini umurnya udah tua banget lohh, dibangun pada tahun 1911! Keren ya, di tahun segitu udah bikin konstruksi serumit ini dan bikinnya di bawah sungai (elbe) lagi. Untuk turun ke terowongan penyeberangan ini kita bisa lewat lift atau tangga (kalo kuat hahaha). Terowongan ini sendiri khusus diperuntukkan bagi para pejalan kaki dan pesepeda.

Puas melihat konstruksi si terowongan (ngga sis, kami ga nyebrang. Saya nyerah kalo disuruh nyebrang sambil gendong unyil hahah, begitu sampe di seberang langsung pengsan kayanya 😂), kami makan siang di Hard Rock Cafe yang lokasinya di sekitar pier juga. Pengunjung cafe-nya termasuk ramai tapi alhamdulillah kami cepet dapet tempat. Tapi abis pesen, makanannya lama banget datengnyaaa. Untungnya anak-anak ga complain dan sibuk main berdua (sementara si kecil sibuk teriak dan bikin repot papa mamanya). Setelah makan siang kami berencana untuk berkunjung ke Miniatur Wunderland yang katanya adalah tempat wisata dengan miniatur model kereta terbesar dan terlengkap di dunia (bener ga sih?). Awalnya saya pikir miniatur wunderland ini kaya madurodam gitu, jadi di luar atau outdoor attraction, tapi ternyata showcase-nya semua di dalam ruangan alias indoor. Begitu sampe di pintu masuk, loket tiket antriannya udah panjang, dan pas giliran kita ternyata mereka bilang tiket untuk jam kita dateng udah sold out dan mereka nawarin untuk dateng jam 18.30 – 20.30 atau jam 19.30. 21.30. Kami baru tau kalo mereka membatasi pengunjung dengan menjual tiket dengan slot jam kaya gini. Wajar si ya, kalo ga yang ada ga nyaman banget di dalam. Anyway, karna kami pikir jam 18.30 tanggung (karna pas waktunya makan malam dan kami sudah reservasi di salah satu restoran untuk jam 17.30), akhirnya kami pilih opsi yang jam 19.30 dan nanti kembali lagi ke sana setelah makan malam.

Berhubung ada jeda waktu dan kami (well, saya dan anak-anak si hehe) udah ngerasa cape, saya usul untuk cari taman aja biar si kecil bisa agak bebas bergerak (at least ga digendongan aja). Setelah ngulik sedikit di peta kami lihat taman terdekat adalah Alter Elb Park, dan ke sanalah kami berjalan kaki menuju dan beristirahat sebentar (lempengin pinggang sis 😂).

Rathaus alias Town Hall-nya Hamburg.

Sisi lain Rathaus/Town Hall Hamburg.

Pemandangan dari atas Landungsbrücken.

Pemandangan dari Landungsbrücken.

Another bridge of locks? Lokasi di Landungsbrücken keluar dari stasiun metro St. Pauli, deket pelabuhan.

Ferry cruise yang kita tumpangi.

Pasar ikannya Hamburg. Sepi karna udah siang, tukang ikannya udah pulang semua kayanya hehehe

“komplek”nya para sosialita Hamburg 😜

Salah satu condominium termahal di eropa. Bentuk gedungnya lucu ya.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Cranes at the port of Hamburg.

the old elbe tunnel yang melintas di bawah sungai Elbe. Untuk sampai ke ujung lainnya menempuh waktu kurang lebih satu jam dengan berjalan kaki.

Makan siang kami di Hard Rock Hamburg.

Sisi lain kota Hamburg. Ternyata masih ada juga mereka yang tidur di bawah jembatan di sana.

Patung raksasa yang ada di Elb Park.

Setelah “ngadem” plus istirahat sebentar di taman, kami lanjut jalan lagi ke bus halte terdekat untuk pergi menuju restoran yang sudah kami pesan. Sebelum mutusin untuk makan di restoran ini kami juga menyempatkan untuk browsing sedikit dan kebetulan ketemu satu restoran india yang lumayan bagus review-nya dan lokasinya sendiri juga ga begitu “aneh” (makluuum, kita kan modal peta doang hihi). Setelah anak-anak oke, langsung kami reservasi di sana (takut penuh soalnya). Hasilnya? Ga nyesel deh makan di situ! Saya kan termasuk orang yang picky eater dan biasanya sama Indian cuisine ga gitu doyan-doyan amat, tapi sama yang ini duh beneran deh enak nyosss, terutama untuk para curry-nya.

These are our dinner menu at Ashoka Restaurant. Really recommended if you’re a fan of authentic Indian dish!

salah satu entrance-nya Dommarkt yang kami lewati waktu menuju restoran.

Selesai makan malam, kami kembali lagi ke miniatur wunderland (setelah sebelumnya sedikit diskusi dengan suami sebaiknya langsung bawa mobil aja dan parkir di tempat parkir terdekat di sekitar miniatur wunderland supaya kita ga perlu bolak-balik lagi). Begitu masuk ke lokasi, waduh saya agak stress euy. Ternyata udah jam segitu aja masih penuh! Mana kami bawa buggy/stroller, tiap mau maju dikit mentok sama kaki orang (ga tiap kali si cuma lumayan sering aja, ini hiperbolis sedikit hahah). Akhirnya kami mencar-mencar deh biar pada bisa lihat juga. Saya juga ikut keliling walau ga semuanya saya liat. Abis itu saya duduk aja sambil kasih mimik si bayi yang ga lama kemudian bobo (karna emang udah waktunya). Btw si Miniatur Wunderland ini buka sampe tengah malem booo. Poll banget nyari duitnya ya.

Setelah cukup puas lirak lirik si model train dan kawan-kawannya, akhirnya kami pun kembali ke hotel.

Tipikal bangunan yang saya temuin di sekitar Hamburg. Menurut saya kesan industrialnya kental banget, ya ga si?

parts of Michaelis bridge. They put a very nice tiles here 😉 and look at the love padlocks on the left!

Salah satu spot karyawan di Miniatur Wunderland.

Kalo ga salah ini adalah miniatur dari salah satu event konser penggalangan dana. Kebayang ga itu miniatur orangnya ditaroin satu-satu secara manual. Kalo ga salah juga kita bisa ikut donasi dan nanti miniatur kita akan ditaro di situ 🙂

Miniaturnya the Spanish Step di Roma.

Kalo ini miniatur railtrack yang ada di Swiss (ato Austria ya? Lupa sodara-sodara maap :p)

Jumlah pengunjung Miniatur Wunderland dari berbagai negara.

Yay, we are on TV! 😄

All in all, Hamburg for us is not dissapointing at all. Walaupun ga semua spot kami datengin tapi kami cukup menikmati dan untuk ukuran satu hari kami sudah lihat lumayan banyak tempat menarik di Hamburg.

Selepas sarapan dan selesai packing, berangkatlah kami menuju pemberhentian berikutnya, yaitu Billund – the home of Lego 🙂

Pardon for mama’s messy hair 😅

Ps: berhubung anak-anak yang pegang kamera, sebagian besar foto saya motret pake hp jadinya. O iya, maaf juga kalo fotonya terlalu banyak yaa. Sengaja wkwkwk

Road-Tripping with the Kids.

“When traveling with someone, take large doses of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee.”
– Helen Hayes

Duh kayanya kutipan di atas cukup relevan terutama buat yang jalan bareng anak-anak ya ga siiik. Summer holiday tahun ini saya beserta suami dan anak-anak mengisi liburan dengan road trip ke beberapa kota di beberapa negara yang ga jauh dari Belanda. Setelah rencana awal buat mudik ke Indonesia ga jadi (karna saya udah pulang di bulan April bareng si bayi), buat nyenengin anak-anak (dan juga tentu menambah pengalaman kami) saya usul ke suami untuk jalan-jalan pake mobil alias road trip ke negara yang deket-deket aja. Suami setuju dan setelah berembuk akhirnya kami sepakat untuk menjelajah sedikit ke wilayah scandinavia. Alasan awalnya adalah Legoland yang berlokasi di Billund, Denmark. Anak-anak walaupun udah agak besar (dibanding tahun-tahun lalu) mereka masih suka dengan tempat-tempat kaya gini. Kebetulan juga kami sudah pernah berkunjung ke Legoland di Johor Bahru dan  Günzburg, Jerman, makanya saya kepikiran untuk nyoba juga yang ada di Billund. Tapi trus saya pikir kenapa ga sekalian aja ke Copenhagen dan Malmö – toh jaraknya ga jauh-jauh amat (dari Billund) dan kita udah setengah jalan jadi sayang juga kalo ga sekalian dikunjungi. Suami pun setuju, karena dia juga belum pernah ke kedua kota tersebut, jadi buat dia ini juga pengalaman pertama berkunjung ke sana.

Dengan pertimbangan jarak yang harus kami tempuh untuk sampai ke Billund (perjalanan non stop Belanda-Billund memakan waktu kurang lebih 8 sampai 9 jam), kami juga akhirnya menambah stop dan sekalian sight-seeing di Hamburg pada saat perjalanan pergi, dan menginap semalam di satu kota kecil di Jerman (Lütjenburg) pada saat perjalanan pulang. Jadi, untuk road trip kami kali ini rutenya adalah Rumah-Hamburg-Billund-Copenhagen-Malmö-Lütjenburg-Rumah. Lumayan panjang ya hihi.

Rute berangkat (

Rute pulang (

Rencana awalnya kan suami dan saya bakal gantian nyetir, tapi sayang banget mobil suami yang sudah dipesan ke dealer langganan dia dari jauh hari belum selesai, akhirnya si dealer pinjemin mobil dengan jenis yang sama tapi dengan persneling manual (saya kan supir gadungan, jadi saya ga bisa nyetir pake manual hahaha), alhasil suami deh yang harus nyetir sepanjang perjalanan.

Di tiap kota kami menghabiskan waktu 3 hari, kecuali di Lütjenburg yang memang tujuan utamanya supaya yang nyetir bisa istirahat aja. Buat ukuran berlima (termasuk bayi) dengan lama perjalanan selama 10 hari, bawaan kami bisa dibilang masih masuk akal (at least kalo dibandingin sama mobil-mobil lain yang papasan sama kita di jalan). Selain tentu buggy/stroller plus baby carrier (bawaan wajib), kami bawa satu koper ukuran besar, satu koper kabin, satu tas ransel, satu diaper bag, plus satu tas belanjaan berisi makanan dan minuman untuk anak-anak dan saya beserta suami selama di perjalanan. Agak susah memang kalo liburan dengan jumlah hari yang nanggung kaya gini, terutama buat nentuin berapa baju yang harus dibawa. Saya sendiri kalo untuk pergi-pergian kaya kemarin selalu mengusahakan untuk bawa baju ekstra – terutama underwear dan kaos kaki anak-anak (untuk saya dan suami juga). Selebihnya kami rileks aja, toh kita kan bukan berkunjung ke pedalaman jadi pasti ada supermarket atau toko yang jual barang kebutuhan kita in case kita lupa. Eh tapi ada satu barang yang khusus dibawa anak-anak di perjalanan kali ini, yaitu hagelslag alias meses 😂. Buat jaga-jaga kata mereka, kali aja ga ada yang mereka suka di menu sarapannya hahaha.

Alhamdulillaah perjalanan berjalan cukup lancar (dengan beberapa titik kemacetan di highway-nya Jerman, terutama pas perjalanan pulang), fabian juga lumayan tenang sepanjang jalan. Beruntung anaknya banyak tidur di jalan walau beberapa kali sempat nangis dan merengek sebentar.

Berdasarkan info dari suami, total kilometer yang kami tempuh kurang lebih sekitar 2200 KM. Banyak ya haha. Sepanjang perjalanan kami melewati banyak banget jembatan, termasuk Øresundbron yang menghubungkan Denmark dan Swedia, serta Storebælt bridge yang menghubungkan Zealand dan Funen (dengan Sprogø island di tengah-tengahnya) di Denmark. Kedua jembatan ini adalah jembatan berbayar. Biaya tol sekali jalan di Øresundbron adalah sebesar €56 untuk mobil dengan panjang tidak lebih dari 6 meter dan di Storebælt bridge adalah DKK 240 untuk mobil dengan panjang tidak lebih dari 6 meter.

Storebælt bridge dari kejauhan (foto dok. pribadi)

Øresundbron – aerial view (image via

Sementara untuk perjalanan pulang dari Malmö kami memilih alternatif lain dengan menggunakan ferry untuk pulang (dengan menyeberang via Jerman). Kami nyebrang dua kali: dari Helsingborg – Swedia ke Helsingör – Denmark, dan Rødby – Puttgarden. Harga tiket ferry ini lumayan juga ternyata sis 😂. Buat yang Helsingborg-Helsingör sekali jalan harga tiketnya sekitar €55 (untuk jenis mobil pribadi yang panjangnya kurang dari 6 meter, durasi nyebrang sekitar 15 menit), sementara Rødby-Puttgarden harga one way ticket-nya adalah sekitar €107 (durasi nyebrang sekitar 45 menit). Jadi kesimpulannya sodara-sodara, kalo punya waktu banyak dan mau agak hemat, dari Denmark ke Jermannya ga usah nyebrang pake ferry tapi muter aja hehe. Ato ambil ferry yang dari Helsingborg – Swedia langsung ke Lübeck – Jerman (lama perjalanan di ferry-nya 8 jam-an tapi wkwk).

Kira-kira beginilah ferry yang kami tumpangi (image via

Btw, sebelum trip (seperti perjalanan-perjalanan kami sebelumnya) saya udah bikin semacam itinerary kasar (banget) dan cost estimation (iya, saya sedetail itu semenjak bekeluarga😂). Walaupun ga mengikat, tapi si itin dan cost estimation ini lumayan bikin perjalanan kami jadi cukup efektif loh, dan untuk estimasi pengeluaran ini bisa kami jadikan patokan kalo nanti di liburan-liburan mendatang kami mau road tripping lagi (ke negara lain deket-deket sini). Yang bikin hepi adalah estimasi saya lumayan tepat, cuma beda €0,01 sis! Dan so pasti jumlahnya jauh lebih kecil kalo dibandingin sama biaya mudik ke Indonesia sekeluarga. 

Anyway, sementara udah dulu yaa. Nanti di postingan selanjutnya insya allah kita cerita tentang Hamburg okeh. Tot zo!

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“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears.”
– Cesare Pavese

A Visit to Durban, South Africa

Umhlanga beachfront

“Durban is South Africa’s own Monaco, and it is appropriate that the event should take the form of a Monaco-style street race along one of the most beautiful beachfronts in the world.” – S’BU NDEBELE

Back then in April 2011 when I had a training in Stockholm, I knew there would be a follow up session (of the training) for all participants to be attended six months afterwards in one of participants’ country. We were excited enough with any of the options (among others, two strong candidates were China and South Africa). In September we received an email from the host, they informed us that the follow up session will be held in Durban, South Africa. Although China would be great as well, but going to South Africa (or any countries in Africa continent) by any chance would be more difficult for me to be fulfilled. That’s why I was very excited for having this one time experience.

I know a bit about Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or Port Elisabeth (one of my friends is from this city), but I never heard Durban before. Thats why after we received confirmation about the place, I then began to browse and tried to look any information I can find about Durban online.

According to Wikipedia, Durban is the largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, and the third in South Africa. It was originally called Port Natal, and was founded by British settlers. There are quite a lot of Indians live here, makes it as one of the largest population centers of Indians in the world, outside of India. It’s mainly because of the history where Indian workers were brought in to work the sugar cane plantations. Zulu and English are the most common languages in Durban.

There are several ways to enter Durban. Most flights from other countries usually fly to Johannesburg, Cape Town or Pretoria. From those cities then you can take domestic flight heading to King Shaka International Airport in Durban. Another way is to fly to Durban directly, although there were not so many scheduled flight options you can choose. If you happen to be from Jakarta, you can use Emirates with one stopover in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This was the flight that I and another Indonesian participant (Bu Ina) used to reach Durban. In Dubai airport we also met other participants from other countries (Ukraine, Bangladesh and Philippines) at the airport. Apparently we had the same (connecting) flight from Dubai to Durban. The flying duration from Jakarta to Dubai took around 8 hours, and then we had 4-5 hours lay-over time in Dubai Airport. Further we had to fly from Dubai to Durban for approximately 9 hours.

anis durban dubai2

tired faces waiting for the next flight to Durban.

We stayed in Protea Hotel (now managed by Marriott) located in Umhlanga Rocks area, a place faces the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Btw, the name Umhlanga means ‘place of reeds’ in the Zulu language. The hotel is located next to a shopping mall, and only a stone away from the umhlanga beach and its (famous?) light house. When you’re lucky, sometimes if you go by boat a bit further from the beach you can see some whales (and dolphins) swimming around.

The view of the hotel and the surrounding. Image via

The room. Image via

The rooftop. Image via

Durban hotel view

The view from my hotel room.

During my stay there, almost every morning I went for light jogging or just a walk together with some of other friends. The view around the beach was so pretty and they made a special jogging track so people can enjoy the surrounding. My friend said that Durban seaside is one of the elite area where mostly rich people live there. No wonder you can find lots of big houses in this area (complete with high wall and (barb)wire protection – just like rumah gedong in Jakarta :)). Umhlanga Rocks also has a big mall where you can find almost anything, including local souvenirs as well as diamond.


View of the Umhlanga beach (Anis’ image).

warning sharks

Warning Sign about sharks on the beach (Anis’ image).


Almost all activities are not allowed on the beach lol (image courtesy of Joy).


The other side of the beach (image courtesy of Chowdhury).

In contrast, the situation in the City Center was less interesting (in other words: not that pretty). It was more like a side of Jakarta where you can find some pedagang kaki lima. I guess here you can see the real Durban – and not a touristic place like Umhlanga area. We also went to the market there to get some typical souvenirs from Africa.


(image courtesy of Chowdhury)


The van we used to go around the city (image courtesy of Chowdhury).


One of statues we found in the city center (image courtesy of Chowdhury).


The view of the market (image courtesy of Iolanda).


One of the souvenir store close by to our hotel (image courtesy of Iolanda).

Regarding the food, you can see that Indian cuisine has a big influence here. No wonder I guess since lots of Indians live here. Other than that, they also have other options including fast food (there was KFC not that far from the hotel 😂). At the big mall, they have a food court that offers variety of foods. I only had a chance to taste typical African food at the hotel during breakfast and dinner reception btw (and I didn’t quite enjoy it since it’s not really my cup of tea 😅).

As an add-up to the training session, we also had a chance to have some visits to several interesting places around, including a visit to local village of Zulu tribes. Fyi, the name of the Durban Airport was taken from the (once) leader of this tribe – King Shaka. At the village, they told us about how they live, what are things that important for them, how things worked there, and made us involved in some of their activities.

road trip to shakaland

The view on the road to Shakaland.


Information about Zulu (Anis’ image).


The (tour) guide at the Shakaland – Zulu Village (Anis’ image).


In front of the entrance to the Village (Anis’ image).


(Anis’ image)


(image courtesy of Iolanda)


(image courtesy of Iolanda)


The two ladies posing for us (image courtesy of Iolanda)


One “ingusan” kid lol (Anis’ image)


They did a special performance for us 🙂 (image courtesy of Bu Ina)

Another interesting place we have been visited was the soccer stadium. Soccer is actually less popular than Rugby here in South Africa. This stadium was especially built during the world cup in 2010 (correct me if I am wrong). We can go to the top part of the stadium using cable car.


The Moses Mabhida Soccer Stadium, seeing from Botanical Garden (image courtesy of Chowdhury)


The ticket price to go up at the stadium using cable car at that time (Anis’ image)


The view of Durban harbor seeing from above the stadium (image courtesy of Chowdhury)


A Colombian, An Indonesian, and A Brazillian 🙂 (Anis’ image)

There are so many other interesting things you can do here actually (sea aquarium, safari). Too bad I didn’t have a chance to go to the wild (safari) since we only stayed there for a week (and I already arranged another plan afterwards at that time). I guess I just have to visit South Africa one (or more) more time to get the real feel of being in Africa 🙂


Doei ! 😀 (image courtesy of Chowdhury)

Menikmati Masakan Vietnam di Belanda

“The best way to lose weight is to close your mouth – something very difficult for a politician. Or watch your food – just watch it, don’t eat it.” – Ed Koch

Ga seperti restoran yang menjual masakan khas Indonesia, India atau Thailand (kalo restoran Cina sih jangan ditanya ya hehe), mencari restoran yang menyajikan masakan Vietnam yang cukup otentik dan enak di Belanda lumayan susah buat saya yang cetek banget pengetahuannya ini (terutama di sekitar tempat tinggal kami).

Walau kemungkinan besar banyak restoran Vietnam di kota-kota besar seperti Amsterdam, Rotterdam atau Den Haag, saya baru pernah makan masakan Vietnam yang enak di Den Haag aja. Ada dua restoran Vietnam yang pernah saya kunjungi. Saya tau restoran yang pertama berdasarkan rekomendasi dari teman saya yang waktu itu masih bertugas di Kedutaan. Kebetulan kata dia ibu Dubes atau pejabat diplomatik lainnya kadang suka ngajak tamu mereka untuk makan di sana. Nama restoran yang pertama adalah “NGON”, kali aja ada temen-temen yang sedang jalan-jalan ke Den Haag dan pengen makan masakan Vietnam boleh coba makan di sana. Dari pengalaman saya, memang masakan Vietnam di resto ini enak. Kalo ga jauh mah mungkin saya bakal lebih sering berkunjung ke sana deh hehe. Biasanya kalo kami makan di sana kami pesen papaya salad, fresh cold (beef) spring roll, dan sudah pasti Pho-nya (saya suka pesen yang Pho Bo Tai atau Beef Pho). Kuah Pho-nya itu enak, jernih dan ga bikin eneg. Porsinya lumayan besar, jadi buat yang makannya ga banyak bisa share sama temen. Dessert-nya juga lumayan enak, terutama yang kaya kolak ubi (namanya Che Koai Mon). Lokasi resto Ngon ini agak ke belakang Den Haag Centrum, kalo ga salah nama daerahnya Groenmarkt.


via city guide


Papaya Prawn Salad. Image via Tripadvisor

Restoran Vietnam lain yang pernah saya kunjungi di kota yang sama adalah “Little V”. Untuk lokasi Little V lebih di Centrum (kalo dibandingin sama Ngon), bersebelahan dengan rumah makan Indonesia “Si Des”. Kalo menurut saya, untuk makanan di Little V kurang umph, tapi resto ini menang ambience dan minumannya yang jauh lebih variatif dibandingkan Ngon. Buat yang pengen lamaan dan nyaman ngobrolnya, Little V menang deh. The food itself is not that bad, cuma emang kalo dibandingin Ngon sedikit dibawah untuk rasanya. O ya, kalo saya liat Little V ini punya cabang di Rotterdam.

Eksterior dari Little V. Image via delicioustravel

Sebagian interior dari Little V. Image via Travellust.

Menu yang pernah saya pesan di Little V. Foto dokumen pribadi.

Nah, karena tiba-tiba kangen masakan Vietnam (kalo kita bela-belain ke Den Haag cuma buat makan suami males hihi), minggu lalu saya dan suami browsing buat nyari restoran Vietnam di dekat-dekat tempat tinggal kami (kira-kira yang ga lebih dari 20 KM jaraknya dari rumah kita lah wkwk). Thanks to Google, kebetulan kami nemuin satu restoran yang kalo diliat dari review-nya lumayan bagus (bintang 4 dari 5), nama restorannya “Vin Pearl”. Lokasinya bersahabat banget, karna terletak di Stationplein, bersebelahan dengan stasiun kereta dan terminal bus Den Bosch. Setelah kita liat dan menimbang kalo menunya cukup kids’ friendly (setidaknya buat anak-anak kami), lalu cus-lah kami ke sana. O ya, sebelumnya kami sudah buat reservasi terlebih dahulu buat amannya.

Pintu masuk Vin Pearl. Image via Dailydinner.

Kami reservasi untuk makan malam jam 17.30 (di rumah kami biasa makan malam paling lambat jam 18.00). Sesampainya kami di sana, cuma kami pelanggan yang dine-in di jam yang sama, dan sekitar sejam kemudian baru ada pelanggan lainnya. O ya, restoran ini juga menerima delivery order via, dan kayanya si yang order untuk delivery ini lumayan banyak karna pas kita di sana pelayannya lumayan sibuk bolak-balik. Untuk ukuran restoran asia, interiornya lumayan bagus dan ga corny (saya cuma ga suka musiknya). Pelayannya cukup sigap, menu-menu yang kami pesan juga lumayan cepat keluar dari dapurnya.

Sebagai appetizer, saya dan suami memesan fresh cold spring roll dan crispy pancake, sementara anak-anak memesan lumpia goreng isi ayam. Rasa dari kedua makanan yang kami pesan bikin fresh dan ga berat, sesuai dengan tujuan makanan pembuka. Untuk main dishes anak-anak pesen mie goreng (kebanyakan tauge kalo kata anak saya yang perempuan), suami pesen rolled minced beef dengan rice noodles, sementara saya pesen beef pho. Kedua main dishes yang suami dan saya pesan dua-duanya tidak mengecewakan. Menurut saya rasa kuah Pho-nya cukup balance – ga keasinan ga flaw juga ga bikin eneg rasanya. Yang lumayan menarik dan belum pernah kami coba adalah menunya suami. Jadi si minced beef-nya itu digulung pake piper leaves, sejenis daun sirih tapi rasanya agak beda dan ga tajam. Sementara si rice noodles-nya ga tau dikasih apa tapi warnanya jadi agak keunguan gitu dan rasanya gurih. Surprisingly good lah.


Banh Xeo or crispy pancake with beef, beansprout and onion (foto dok. pribadi)


Goi Cuon Tom or fresh cold spring roll with shrimp and veggies filling (foto dok. pribadi)


Banh Hoi Bo La Lot, grilled minced beef rolled with piper leaves (foto dok.pribadi)


Pho Bo Tai atau Beef Pho (foto dok. pribadi)

Sebagai penutup, kami nyoba salah satu menu dessert mereka, yaitu Vin Pearl Matcha Green Tea. Menurut kami rasa green tea-nya terlalu subtle alias ga terasa, yang menonjol adalah rasa susunya. Enak si tapi agak kurang sesuai ekspetasi saya.
All in all, restoran ini menurut saya lumayan otentik dan enak masakannya. Besar kemungkinan ini bukan terakhir kali saya akan makan di sana (dengan catatan restorannya ga tutup atau pailit ya hehe). Lumayan lah sebagai pelepas rindu kalo lagi kangen sama masakan Vietnam 🙂

“Vietnamese food has probably been saved from the mass market because most people never master the sauces and condiments that must be added to the food, at the table, for its glories to become apparent. It’s too much trouble, and a lot of people don’t like asking for help, especially if the interaction involves some linguistic awkwardness.” – Tyler Cowen

Throwback Time: Holiday in London.


“Nothing is certain in London but expense.” – William Shenstone.

Pengennya si nulis lebih cepet biar ga basi-basi banget gitu ceritanya hehe, tapi apa daya baru sekarang deh bisa kesampaian. Well, better late than never ya =)

We went visiting London last year, during Christmas holiday (on December 24th and return to Holland on December 29th). At first we were a little bit worried actually, because based on some info I have read on internet, during Christmas holiday – especially on the 25th of December – (almost) all London transportation does not operate. This means that there’s a possibility that we could be abandoned and only able to spend the whole holiday in the hotel. That would be sooo zzz. Luckily after spending some time searching again on internet (and a little bit of gambling), we could find a good solution to solve the issue.

We departed from Eindhoven Airport. There are several budget/low cost airlines depart from this airport to London. This is handy for us since the airport is closer to our place. We took a flight offered by Ryan Air and the duration from Holland to London (London Stansted) took around an hour and five minutes. We have arranged for car park close to the airport (we used valet parking from Eazzypark for 2 nights and found a nice offer from Groupon) and from London Stansted Airport to the hotel we used Airport Coach/ Bus Shuttle from Terravision (around an hour drive). We ordered the tickets via internet (the price of one way trip from the Stansted Airport to Liverpool Street (in front of the Liverpool station) is £6 for adult and £3 for child between 5 – 12 years). From Liverpool Street (the distance is approximately 1,2 km) to the hotel we took a short drive by taxi.

During in London we stayed at the Premier Inn London Aldgate. The closest tube station from the hotel is Aldgate East (around 300-500 m), and it is located not very far from the Tower Hill (approx. 1 km). Thus, although it’s not really in the center, the hotel has a nice location to travel around. Plus, they also had family room options, so it’s a very good bargain for us to stay there for the holiday.

We didn’t make any plan to go for sightseeing right away after we arrived. Despite the arrival time we also didn’t want to make the kids feel stressed out and not enjoying the holiday. In the evening we walked a bit to fast food restaurant nearby (KFC – food that taste “friendly” and familiar for the kids) and bought meals there for our dinner. Again we didn’t want to make things too complicated for the kids. Btw, KFC here had other sort of menus than one in Holland, where they also offered rice.

On the second day of the trip (25th), we have booked hop on hop off tour bus. Yes…We were really becoming a tourist on that day :p. It’s not that bad actually, but this was mainly because we didn’t have that many options. Either you walk, or you go with this bus. As I said before, all public transports were not operating on that day (well except Taxis, with double tariff – even triple I think – than normal, and you have to order them in advance). In normal days, there are 3 companies operating hop on hop off tour bus, but on the 25th there were only one operated: one from Golden Tours. The ticket price was twice than normal (around £35 for adult and £15 for child). Crazy, I know..but we didn’t have many options as I told you before, so yeah. The closest bus stop from our hotel was at the Tower Hill. So we walked first from the hotel to the bus stop. The weather on this day was not that friendly. In the beginning it was only cloudy, but the minute we sat in the bus it began to rain. Well, you cannot expect much from London weather during winter eh. Anyway, we stopped at several point of interests, and took some photos from the bus.

Oh, have I told you that most of stores and restaurants were also closed on Christmas day? well there you go. But as far as I know, some pubs and restaurants at Leicester Square or Trafalgar Square were open. We had our lunch also at one of restaurants there. The kids were quite enjoying the day although they got wet and received extra cold from the rain. In the evening we had the Christmas Dinner at the restaurant in the Hotel. The food was not that bad, but also not that special.


hello from us =)


a closer look to the famous Big Ben.

westminster abbey1

The queue to enter Westminster Abbey. LONG!

StPauls Church

St. Paul Church. Looks grande =)


The Shard on a distance.

On the next day (the 26th), the initial plan was to visit the London Eye. There were not so many options to be done on the 2nd day of Christmas in London, because most of attractions or public interests such as museums or historical places were still closed for public. However that didn’t happen. Before we went to London, I actually have suggested my husband to buy the ticket in advance via internet. However, he thought that we could just buy on the spot, because he didn’t want to be attached on one date only (the ticket date is fixed and cannot be changed). I agreed to this and thus we went to the London Eye and went to get the ticket there. When we reached the London Eye, the queue on the ticket booth was already looong, and when we reached the booth the officer told us that apparently we couldn’t buy family ticket (valid for 2 adults and 2 children) there and instead they only offered us the individual ticket. The price difference between family ticket and individual ticket was quite significant, and because of this we then decided to just go back the next day and buy the ticket online.

What did we do then on that day? After having a quick lunch at Subway nearby to the London Eye (my kids and husband are a fan of Subway btw hehe), we then went to watch Starwars VII at Leicester Square. After the movie we just strolling around the China Town, Trafalgar Square and of course Leicester Square :D. Btw, I didn’t recommend to watch movies at cinemas in London. It’s freaking expensive! For the four of us we had to pay like almost £100 for 3D movie. That’s crazily expensive even if you compare to the price in Holland (apalagi dibanding sama harga di Indonesia ya..jauh!). Before we went back to the hotel we took dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in the surrounding of Leicester Square.

O ya, on the second day of Christmas the public transports were already available, but with a holiday schedule (longer waiting time). The advantage of using public transport in London is that for any children up to 16 years who travel with adult(s) are free of charge. There are several options if you happen to be a tourist here: pay per trip, using travel card (with some options of validity period), or using Oyster Card (refillable). We used Oyster Card for transportation instead of Travel card, because we think that its the most efficient one for us. I still have my old Oyster with some credits in (from my previous visit in 2012 for work), thus we only need to buy another one for my husband. It was handy indeed 😉


The Gate to Chinatown.

leicester square1

Leicester Square.

trafalgar square

The front part of the National Gallery, located in front of Trafalgar Square.


Super tall Christmas tree at the Trafalgar Square.

On the 27th, we went back again to the London Eye, this time with the entrance tickets in hand ;). It was nice to see some parts of London from above. The London Eye is similar with the Singapore Flyer, only the size is a bit smaller. The technology they use here is also the same, and made by the same engineer (if I’m not mistaken). The duration for one round (standard ticket) is approximately 30 minutes. It’s pity that during our turn the weather was again not that friendly for us: quite gloomy with some drizzles pouring down a bit. But anyway, it still nice for the kids (and my husband and I) to have the experience 🙂

A short info, I just checked the official London Eye website, apparently the family ticket has no longer being offered. The standard ticket for adult if you buy online is around £21 and for a child is around £16-17 (if you buy on the spot the price is around £28 for adult and £20ish for child).

Afterwards, we then went by the subway (they called it as “tube”) to the Tower of London. We had prepared our tickets and bought them via internet before we flew to London. The Tower is quite big, but still can be visited within a day. One of the interesting part of the Tower is of course the Crown Jewels Room where the Royalty kept the royal regalia, including jewels, plate, and symbols of royalty such as the crown, sceptre, and sword there. No guests are allowed to take any picture inside (due to security reason I guess).


The Emblem of King George VI, Royal Fortress of The Tower of London


One side of the Tower of London.


A raven seen at the Tower of London. Why does the Tower of London have ravens? A guide told that the ravens are part of an old superstition that, if the ravens leave, the tower will fall down, and there will no longer be a king or queen.


The White Tower

guards tower of london

The Guards and the canon in front of the Crown Jewel Room.


You have to queue for quite some time to enter the Crown Jewel Room.


The Tower Bridge in a closer look.

After the visit, we went back to hotel. For our dinner, my husband and I went for a walk to grab a take away of Fish and Chips at a restaurant nearby. We tried the very typical english(y) meal at its own original place for the sake of curiousity (and hunger of course =)). I did a bit of research on internet to find a recommended fish and chips resto around our location and I found this one resto called Poppie’s. The taste was quite good although it’s not exceeded my expectation.


Nice interesting box eh (ignore the oily part :p)

On the 28th, finally major musea were open for public. London I think is famous for their museum, and as some of you might already know, the entrance to most of musea in London are free of charge (unlike other attractions where you have to pay like crazy). That is why I think many people (tourists as well as the Londoners) like to come there. O ya, most parks (gardens) here are also free to visit, but then I would suggest to come preferably NOT in the winter season (find a time with the least chance of raining :p).

One of the most acknowledged museum here is of course the British Museum, located in Bloomsburry area (if I’m not mistaken). Another famous one(s) among them are the Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum of Art and Design (V&A Museum). The nice thing with these three museums are that they located closely one to each other (at Exhibition Road – South Kensington). We actually planned to go to the British Museum after we visit the three museums, but by the end of the day we couldn’t make it. O ya, be prepare for a long queue, especially when you want to enter the Science Museum and The Natural History Museum. But probably it was also because of holidays then the museums were quite full.

street musician

A street musician we found in the tunnel from the Underground stop (South Kensington) heading to Museum area.

The first museum we visited was the Science Museum. According to wikipedia, the Science Museum was founded in 1857 and today has become one of the city’s major tourist attractions, attracting 3.3 million visitors annually.

The museum also has several areas dedicated to children where they can explore and play. On the ground level you’ll find a sensory exploration area that’s fun for younger kids and a few floors up there are also area for older kids where they can experiment, play and discover.


part of Making the Modern World Gallery inside the Science Museum, ground floor.


I see Indonesia here 😉

After the Science Museum, due to the intimidating queue at the entrance of the Natural History Museum, we then went to the V&A Museum located across the street of the Science Museum. It was a very short visit, because the kids were complaining and the museum was not as they expected. In their mind, the museum was a place where they would find toys and other interesting stuff related to toys and playing. Apparently it was more serious than what they have thought. We only strolled around on the ground floor, took a bit of photos and then decided to just go to one of the oldest toy store in the world, Hamleys, located at the Oxford Street. But again, the store was so crowded it gave us a headache even to just look around. The kids also were not too excited because of this. So we just did a round from first floor to the last (it has five storeys) and then went back to South Kensington to try our luck of getting into the Natural History Museum.

ceiling V&A museum

The ceiling at the entrance of V&A Museum

O ya, at V&A Museum you can find various art pieces from (almost) all over the world, with many kind of forms such as statues, calligraphy, books, or even a carved tusk.


One of interesting piece of art found at V&A Museum


The very busy Toy Shop. I think during holidays the situation is always like these. image via


Lego version of the Imperial State Crown.


Lego version of the Queen, together with her dog. This lego can be found at Hamleys – Oxford Street.


Typical of coffee shop you can find around London.

When we got back to museum area, the queue in front of the Natural History Museum was not as long as the first time we arrived. And since the kids didn’t mind to wait in line, we decided to join the queue. If you are a Dino fan I think you will like this museum. It has alot of things related to Dinos. They have a special section for displaying all the dinos and “the living” T-Rex. Even in front of the entrance of the museum you will be welcomed by a giant dino skeleton :p. Bear in mind that you have to queue again inside to enter this special section. Beside dinos, this museum also have many other interesting displays, including animals from around the world (they have a stuffed dodo!), also various kind of stones from the earth. The building itself is very extravagant (typical old big buildings in the UK). You can really see that this museum has been there for quite a while.


Interesting dinosaurs skeleton you can see at front part of the Natural History Museum.


Super nice and extravagant exterior of the Natural History Museum.


Merry go Round in front of the Natural History Museum.

We stayed at the Museum until closed (around 7 p.m. if I’m not mistaken). And then we went to Leicester Square again to look out for dinner. Since it’s weekend, most of the restaurants were quite full. Luckily we could get a table at Pizza Express (without reservation) although we had to wait for 30 minutes at the bar to be seated. This Pizza Express Resto is the same like one in Indonesia (previously called as Pizza Marzano – and then changed name into Pizza Express). We liked all the food here, as well as the drinks. And before we were done, they gave chocolate praline for each of us. Lekker klein toetje voor ons 🙂

Finally we went back to Holland on the next day. We had our breakfast at the hotel, took a taxi to the Liverpool Street, and then went to the Stansted Airport by the same shuttle service as before. All in all it was quite a nice holiday for us (although for some days we had quite lousy weather). Just too bad we didn’t have a chance to visit Harry Potter Studio (all were fully booked!), the Stonehenge, the British Museum or other touristic things in the surrounding. I guess we just have to visit UK one more time in the future. And moreover, preferably combine the visit to other cities around London as well.